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Launched from the success of the Future Labs, which fosters companies over a 12-24 month period, the NexusLab is a four-month acceleration program that is tailored to the specific needs of each individual team in the cohort. Unlike typical accelerators which rely on a rigid curriculum, and take a quantity over quality approach, the NexusLab doesn’t lock startups into any set cookie cutter program or force founders to meet with an endless array of uninvolved mentors. Instead, our mentors are chosen specifically for each program, and in some cases each team, and stay involved with you over the course of the entire program. This gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with them and makes them more invested in your success. We recognize that your time is best spent building your company, and our long term relationship based mentor model is the best way to move you closer to your goals while saving you from meetings and mentors that are irrelevant and unnecessary. Each cohort is limited to a small number of startups - no more than seven per class - and is focused on a particular segment of technology (AI, AR/VR, or Cyber Security). This allows us to bring in only the most pertinent and committed mentors and provide a level of support that is simply not possible at unfocused, large class, accelerator programs. We believe the needs of each startup are unique and any attempt to address those needs as part of a generic curriculum is ineffective and a waste of your time. The NexusLab ethos is deceptively simple. We strive to get you the specific resources and guidance that you need, when you need it.