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Blueprint Health

Blueprint Health is a community of healthcare entrepreneurs, professionals, investors and thought-leaders that together are building the next generation of digital health innovations. At the heart of our community is the renowned Blueprint Health Accelerator. The accelerator starts with an intensive twelve-week program, but we will continue to work with you for the life of your company. We ask founders to move to New York City for the duration of the twelve-week program, so that they can get the most out of the program. We focus on setting and helping our portfolio companies meet their individual goals. For most companies, this involves some combination of marketing and sales consulting, customer development, and assistance with fundraising.


447 Broadway 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10013


How Your Company Will Benefit

Improve the Productivity and Number of Sales Conversations

Many of our alumni met their first customer through Blueprint Health.  By interacting with our network, you will dramatically increase the number of potential customer conversations you can have.  Moreover, we will work hands-on with you to craft your marketing and sales messaging.

Increase your Valuation and the Probability of Closing Investors

You will have the opportunity to interact with many angel and venture investors during our program.  We work extensively with you on your investor deck and pitch in preparation for Demo Day.  Many of our alumni state that the majority of their investors were affiliated with our network and that our preparation dramatically shortened the amount of time they needed to spend fundraising.

Strengthen your Brand Awareness and Access to Talent

We vet nearly 1,000 companies each year.  Companies that are accepted to Blueprint Health are known in the industry for the quality of their businesses and their management teams.  By partnering with Blueprint Health, you will increase your reputation with potential customers, investors and employees.  You will be able to tap into our network to find key hires as you build your team.