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Collab is a Fabrication Lab and Innovation Studio in New York City that provides space and shared resources to creative entrepreneurs. Collab is known for its vibrant community of 21st century creatives with skill sets that cross a wide range of disciplines --from Architects to Engineers to Design Technologists -- who work on their own endeavors and then collectively on much larger projects, collaborating to bring ambitious experiential work from their imaginations to real life. As an incubator, Collab has been able to generate millions in revenue for itself and its members, thereby creating bootstrapping opportunities, by creating products and installations for its corporate clients, while at the same time, successfully helping launch more than 10 companies with a combined valuation in excess of $700 million, collectively creating more than 250 new jobs. Collab has rolling admissions For Demo Date please call 212-727-3190


304 Hudson Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10013