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iBeehub Inc

IBeeHub Inc. is a New York-based incubator located in the Wall Street district. Established by Peking University and Fudan University alumni in April 2015, IBeeHub is often referred to as the first professional Chinese incubator on the eastern side of the United States. We provide services and advice regarding consulting, incubation, and seed funding to early-stage startup companies, and also serve as a dynamic social platform. Our advantage lies in our ample angel investment opportunities, expert execution team with practical entrepreneurship experiences, strong network of professionals and scholars, and research capabilities, which is at the forefront of the east coast. Startup companies will receive comprehensive support with risk management, legal affairs, human resources, marketing, self-media operations, finance and tax, funding, growth management, and exit strategies. There are also monthly global entrepreneur bootcamps, which are very popular in the entrepreneurial community. So far IBeeHub has received much attention and has been widely reported in Chinese and foreign media. It was complimented by the Xinhua News Agency as “the most grounded incubator”. IBeeHub is a professional entrepreneurship services provider acknowledged and supported by New York City Small Business Services.