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Angel Venture Forum - DC


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Angel Venture Forum accepts applications all year. However, companies that apply or provided updated submissions between January-September of each year will be heavily considered for teh AVF Showcase, Nov 10, 2015.

Some of the traits which increase our interest in companies in any industry and will endear angel investors to your company are as follows:

* Emerging growth companies seeking and early round of funding less than $2 million.

* Buyouts and acquisitions under $2 million.

* Current revenue is attractive. Positive EBITDA is even more attractive. Pre-revenue companies only if many other factors are are in place.

* Large market opportunity

* High growth potential, e.g. expected ROI to be at least 30% or greater than 5-7 times the investment with projected exit in 3-5 years.

* Experienced, strong, cooperative management team in place with sales experience in the targeted market segments.

* Well-defined and analyzed segmented market which is large, fast growing and quantifiable.

* Clear marketing plan including details on distribution channels, positioning, marketing, promotion, and sales.

* Clear and detailed competitor analysis and unique selling proposition.

* Understandable of proprietary technology. Patents are nice .... but the ability to defend them is nicer!

* Impressive milestones achieved in the past and future miles identified.

* Significant investment by management and controlling owners. We like to see that you have skin in your own game! * High quality outside advisors and early investors. * Clear plan for "Use of Funds."

* Reasonable, justifiable valuation. We are open to your ridiculously high valuations as long as you can explain why!

* Almost any opportunity where an opportunity to make money exists

Industries of great interest?

While we look at a range of industries, a number of our investors are interested in Healthcare, Internet, and Cybersecurity companies.

Healthcare: companies in healthcare information technology and management, medical devices and diagnostics as well as any other opportunity that improve healthcare quality, prevents medical errors, increases administrative efficiency, and expands access to affordable care. Areas may include big data and analytics, home health, mobile health, physicians tools, diagnostics, software which monitors personal health, and the advanced sensors and devices with which they are affiliated.

Cybersecurity: companies with products, solutions or services which protect or defend information and information systems by ensuring their availability, integrity, authentication and confidentiality. Solutions may include detection, education, analytics or restoration, information assurance, storage, infrastructure, processing, transit or protection against un-authorized users. Areas of interest may include mobile solutions, cloud architecture, asset management, application security, information security, network security, disaster recovery technologies, threat/surface reduction, sensors as well as processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers.