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Buoyant Capital Collective


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Ideally the business and team will be based on a scientific invention or significant business model innovation that is based on core know-how that is not easily replicated or imitated. Businesses that have low capital requirements in terms of facilities and equipment are more likely to be appropriate. Reasonable expectations from the team relative to the experience level signals realistic and pragmatic business decision making. The focus needs to be on generating profit, being in the market, growing rapidly within the next 18 months and having a detail plan to demonstrate that the main issues are understood. The business should be technology infused in a way that leverages the advance in communications. It should be global in terms of its sourcing of partners and the potential reach of the products and services. It needs to build on success and have a solid starting point in the local market. It is best that the market risk be addressed and that the technical team be highly competent in the field, therefore technology risk can be mitigated with skill and the market risk need to be reduced through real opportunities to realize the business.