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Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York


Members: 308


Supporting Entrepreneurship and Innovation. HBS Alumni Angels of Greater New York is the largest angel investor network in the NY metro area with 300+ alumni investor members.  In a typical year, our members invest $3 million across about 20 companies, and members have invested over $15 million in more than 100 companies since 2011.

The companies in which we invest are NOT required to have any ties to Harvard University.   

Our Process.  We typically select five companies to pitch each month after extensive screening of your gust application by members.  Presentations are made in person by the CEO.  Following pitch night, if there is sufficient investor interest, we select a deal lead and conduct diligence as a group.  We realize that your time is valuable, and we work to make the process efficient for our entrepreneurs.   All investment decisions are made and executed by individual members. All applications are considered for two consecutive months - please be patient with our response.

Our angel members are Harvard Business School and other Harvard University alumni who invest in early-stage private companies on an individual basis.  Our members have experience across a wide range of industries and functional areas, and many have multiple investments in early stage companies.  We have expertise and leadership across 20+ investment Sectors covering the breadth of the NY economy, including Artificial Intelligence, CyberSecurity, Life Sciences, FinTech, and Consumer Products.  We are one of about a dozen HBS Alumni Angel Chapters around the world, and regularly syndicate deals to our other chapters in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Mentorship.  We seek to actively mentor HBSAANY companies to assist in their growth and development.  We designate a Lead Investor to facilitate an ongoing relationship between investors and the company, and we have an active mentorship program to channel volunteer HBS expertise to our invested companies. 

Application Fees.  Please note that we have instituted a $50 processing fee to discourage unqualified applications and offset our expenses as a non-profit organization almost entirely run by volunteers.  There are no refunds.


Events.  Our Pitch Night calendar, leadership team and membership is on our web sitePlease join our mailing list for events you can attend and news about our investments.