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SNK Investments, invests in and advises start-ups. We make money when these start-ups have a "liquidity event," which is historically an acquisition or public offering. We primarily but not exclusively invest our own money, this as we take on only investments we feel are directly related to our skill-set, passion and can benefit from our network. We try to help only when the companies ask and usually at 'inflection points,' which are financing's, M&A, business development deals, etc. We started in 2013, and our goal was to make each investment through a human approach. Our objective is to put the entrepreneur or company first, so that the human foundation for sustainability and profit is at its core. We understand profit is a key motivator in a capitalistic system but that it cannot stand without first investing in the key foundation which is humanity. We wanted SNK Investments to lead the way in a new approach that puts long-term corporate sustainability at its core; while always putting the well being of those involved and affected first. We try to do this by making connections among and developing relationships with the best founders, investors and corporate partners