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The Syndicate


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Investment Focus:

The Syndicate focuses on pre-Series A startups led by dynamic founding teams tackling large problems with big markets.

Our focuses include areas where our members have experience and can add value, including: ecommerce/marketplaces, AI/automation/robotics, fintech/blockchain, B2B SaaS, AdTech/MarkTech, IoT (only with SaaS model) and network effects businesses.

Geographic Focus:

We target startups in a wide range of geographies and have members across the globe to both find and assist startups in growth and expansion. Our preferred geographies are North America and Europe but we do not limit our investments when the right team and product and market collide.

Investing for Profit:

Unlike many angel groups, we focus on returns for our investors. Every deal we consider has homerun potential to allow power law dynamics to create favorable returns.

And in every startup, we believe a moat is critical, especially network effects where applicable. We both evaluate startups based on these criteria and also help portfolio companies plan and take advantage of these to build scalable, sustainable businesses.

How it Works

We use a syndicate model with a $1K minimum investment (all deals are optional). I invest personally in each deal, and I bring all my deals to the group. There is no membership fee or management fee to participate. There is only the standard 20% carry on returns.

The Syndicate seeks a $75k – 150K investment allocation per deal. Investments are opt-in deal by deal.

The Team

Matt Ward is the founder and host of The Syndicate podcast and angel network where he interviews & networks top angels, VCs and operators while also investing in and advising the very best startups he works with.

On the side he advises early stage startups on growth tactics, copywriting, sales and overall business development. He is an entrepreneur and builder through and through and started The Syndicate to help entrepreneurs and investors build the businesses of the future with an eye on huge returns.

Previously, he built and sold #1 crowdfunding podcast, and transitioned into own products business. Here he turned $8k investment into a 7 figure exit in 12 months with home and garden ecommerce brand, primarily via Amazon while also building FBA ALLSTARS, a top 3 Amazon seller podcast where he consulted dozens of brands and startups.

Notable Personal Portfolio Includes:

Kush Tourism - B2B wholesale Cannabis marketplace

Acre Designs - Net Zero Emission Modular Home Designs

Picks & Shovels Co. - Tools for Managing Digital Currencies and Assets

Public Goods - Markup Free Subscription Products

CityFalcon - AI Powered Financial News API

Notable Co-investors Include:

Jason Calacanis - Launch Incubator, YCombinator, Tusk Ventures, Alan Vaynerchuk, TheFamily, 500Startups, Tyler Willis, SKV Ventures, Craig Newman, 1/0 Capital,MRGVentures (Sean Parker), Strangeloop Ventures, Jeff Morris Jr., Gary Sheynkman