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Waterfront Works


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Waterfront Works is a new seed fund and accelerator.  Founded in 2015, Waterfront Works actively partners with early-stage Food and Ag entrepreneurs and take them and their products successfully to market. We embrace a Lean Startup philosophy and take this idea, normally reserved for tech development and apply it to our focus areas of food & beverage, foodtech/agtech, hospitality,and consumer products.

Think Big. Start Small. Scale Fast.  -Vivek Kundra


We focus on seed and early stage investments with opportunity for follow on financing.


Our focus is in building a portfolio of companies which is comprised of roughly 50% headquartered on the East End of Long Island.  Beyond that we include the greater northeast megalopolis of "BosWash".


We focus the majority of our time on companies that are referred to us through our network. We encourage you to attend any of our open workshops and functions as a way to meet te team.

Entrepreneurs may also submit your business plan thru this platform.