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‘To what extent is a tweet a federal record?’

(Photo by Brady Dale)

University of Pennsylvania digital culture researcher Muira McCammon noticed that government tweets from Gitmo were disappearing. She shared her findings at last weekend's Radical Networks conference.

Muira McCammon speaks at Radical Networks in Brooklyn.

When the Obama White House joined Snapchat, it made sure that posts to that account would not be ephemeral, in accordance with presidential records rules, according to the Washington Post. It turns out that not every other federal office worries as much about maintaining a record of their social media activity, however.

Muira McCammon is a Philadelphia writer who has researched the social media activity at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba. She found that tweets had a way of coming and going while she was researching the base, and she got curious about what kind of rules were in place governing the preservation of government social media activity.

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