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2016 Will Be the Year That Sets the Stage for Virtual Reality

Six Predictions for Trends That Will Drive the Future of VR

There was a lot of talk at year end about the near future of virtual reality, just as there has been every year of this decade. Pronouncements are coming from both directions -- 2016 will either be the "year of VR" or … not.But what everyone can agree on is that VR is at a very exciting place right now, full of possibilities for creativity, new experiences and -- let's not forget -- profits.

What seems clear is that 2016 will be the year when we emerge from the chicken-or-the-egg standoff between VR headset manufacturers and content producers, both of which have been accused of waiting each other out in recent years before really committing to VR. In spite of this, both sides have made incredible strides with three much-anticipated consumer headsets debuting in the first half of 2016 -- the Oculus Rift, Sony's PlayStation 4 headset and HTC/Valve's Vive. While 2016 may not be the year when VR becomes as ubiquitous as the smartphone, it's likely that this will be the one that really sets the stage for the types of content we produce, where and when we see that content and the technology that we use to experience it.

A certain equilibrium is about to be reached. Here are some predictions for what will be driving the future of VR over the next 12 months:

1. 360 video provides immediate scale.

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