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5G phone service is on the horizon and NYU Tandon researchers have led the charge

Here in New York, when you hit “scan” on your car radio, the scanner stops constantly for stations. 93.9 FM, 94.3 FM, 95.1 FM. It’s crowded. But then when you go upstate the scanner will go for seconds at a time looking for a station. Here’s 100.9 FM playing country music. Then maybe up to 107.7 FM, also country music. Then all the way around the dial and back to 94.9 FM, Schenectady’s finest country music station.

Well, it’s the same way with WiFi and cellular data. They are transmitted through the air on the electromagnetic spectrum in the same way radio and satellite TV are. And the current state of the use of the cellular wavelengths is crowded, very crowded.

Like New-York-City-with-an-old-boombox-where-you-have-to-manually-adjust-the-transmitter-and-half-the-time-you’re-getting-two-stations-overlapping-because-they’re-so-close-to-each-other crowded. And it can’t go on like this.

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