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Are coding bootcamps only for the rich?

Paul Fain, in Inside Higher Ed, says one of the biggest criticisms levelled against bootcamps is they “don’t attract many low-income students.” The evidence certainly seems to support this.

According to bootcamp industry-watcherCourse Report, 79 percent of bootcamp students have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher before enrolling. Additionally, Course Report found the average pre-bootcamp salary to be $46,600, putting bootcamp students squarely in the middle class.

Furthermore, the true cost of a coding bootcamp is actually much higher than the tuition itself if you factor in the months spent unemployed during and directly after the bootcamp. This bootcamp tuition calculator estimates someone making $46,000 annually would need nearly $34,000 in savings to attend the average coding bootcamp. Unfortunately, 62 percent of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings.

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