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Bryant Park to use location-based data to learn more about visitor habits

Bryant Park on the first night of HBO's movie night.

PlaceIQ will gather analytics about park use to help Bryant Park Corporation pitch space to vendors

Just about anyone who's worked in midtown Manhattan or visited the impressive New York Public Library on 5th Ave has spent break or rest time at Bryant Park, which sits adjacent to the library between 40th and 42nd streets on 6th Ave.

Turns out, though, 65% of visitors to the park commute to the tree-lined refuge from outside Manhattan and 16% are from outside the New York City area all together. This is data the Bryant Park Corporation recently received and it is already making its way into sales pitches to potential sponsors. The privately run city park is among other parks and public spaces across the globe that have used mobile data to learn more about visitors and woo advertisers.

"At Bryant Park we're very obsessed with numbers and data," said Matt Castellan, brand relations manager for the Bryant Park Corporation.

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