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Code for America Increases Recruitment Efforts to Meet Post-Election Demand

In the months since the presidential election, Code for America has been hearing from an influx of technologists who want to do meaningful work for their country. 

Such spikes in political interest, specifically activism, have been common throughout the tech sector and the rest of the country following the election of President Donald Trump. Protests have erupted on both sides of the ideological divide, constituents have packed town hall meetings to confront elected officials, and developers have built scores of sites and apps that make engagement easier. Relative to these efforts, Code for America, a non-partisan and non-profit organization, has been an early adapter, founded way back in 2009 to bridge the technological gap between the public and private sector. Now that CfA has so much company, the group is calling upon those who have voiced interested to get to work with them.

On Thursday, March 2, the organization’s chief technology officer, Lou Moore, wrote a post on Medium announcing CfA’s next chapter.

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