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The company for the anti-Uber crowd

POACHING DRIVERS: Juno CEO Talmon Marco has lured Uber drivers by offering better terms.   Juno is offering drivers a chance to become employees, not independent contractors

There are half a dozen rideshare services in New York. Only Juno wants to be the anti-Uber.

Whereas Uber has been hit repeatedly with class-action suits charging it with misclassifying its drivers as independent contractors instead of employees, Juno is offering drivers the chance to become employees—and get benefits and company stock.

Uber upped its take of drivers’ fares last year to 25% (those who started before April 2015 kept their 20% rate) and in January cut fares by 15% with barely a word of warning. Juno will keep fares on par with Uber's but take a 10% commission—and hold it at 10% for 24 months. Founder and Chief Executive Talmon Marco says if the commission goes up in two years, it would be by a tiny amount, and drivers will be consulted.

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