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Despite Risks, Brooklyn Artist Uses Street Trash To Send Positive Messages During Pandemic

For several years now, multidisciplinary artist Sara Erenthal has been using the discarded detritus of New Yorkers—abandoned furniture, used mattresses, bookcases, shards of mirrors and broken TVs—as the canvasses for her artwork. "I realized that I could take something off the street, and turn something that was useless into something valuable," she told Gothamist. In addition to her studio work, she has been creating one of these pieces of street art—usually featuring her self-portrait and some message reflecting her state of mind—almost every day, mostly in and around her neighborhood of Prospect Lefferts Gardens.

But her work has taken on new resonance in the weeks since the coronavirus pandemic has hit the city, with her messages reflecting the shared anxieties of New Yorkers as well as offering a sense of hope during this difficult period.

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