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Digital Health Sees More Deals Than Biotech In 2015, But Biotech Takes More Dollars

Despite a large deal activity discrepancy, biotech funding actually topped digital health funding in 2015, as biotech firms raised over $6B, a multi-year high

Digital health startups continued to outpace biotech deal activity, with digital health reaching an all-time high of 891 deals in 2015, thanks to early-stage activity. The biotech space, meanwhile, saw 473 deals. That’s an advantage of 418 deals for digital health (or 88% more deals).

That’s a more lopsided deal count for digital health versus biotech than in the previous year. In 2014, digital health had 268 more deals than biotech, or 57% more deals.

Overall digital health deals grew 21% in 2015 versus 2014, while biotech was range-bound with just 2 more deals versus the previous year.

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