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Digital Health Showdown: New York Overtakes Silicon Valley For Startup Funding, Boston Lags

Oscar Health helps New York top Silicon Valley for the first time for digital health funding. The two regions are tied in activity.

With products ranging from ingestible sensors to track medication intake to practice management solutions, startups continue to innovate within the digital health space. And as the ecosystem grows, funding is keeping up. Global funding to the industry reached over $3.5B in the first half of 2016, on track for a record high this year.

As the digital health sector has expanded, geographic funding trends have begun to shift. While Silicon Valley has led the group in funding every year since 2012, NYC has recently overtaken the tech hub with over $800M invested so far in 2016. In this brief we look at funding trends to digital health startups in the greater metro areas of Silicon Valley, NYC, and Boston.

Our analysis focuses on the following areas:

  • Annual funding trends
  • Annual deal activity
  • Deal share by stage
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