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Digital.NYC Announces Targeted Advertising Service as June 2016 Startup to Watch

Poln is the first advertising platform designed specifically to help small to mid-sized online retailers acquire new customers easily & cost effectively

New York, NY—June 9, 2016—Digital.NYC, the official online hub of the New York City startup and technology ecosystem, today announced Poln, a web advertising service that leverages customers’ browsing, buying, and abandonment behavior to deliver highly targeted advertisements. Poln, an innovative, New York-based startup, drew the most attention from visitors to Digital.NYC over the month of May.

Poln, founded in January 2015, supports small to mid-sized retailers with targeted advertising by providing them with specific data on consumers’ online behavior, including where they are browsing, what they are buying, and abandonment - the rate at which consumers view an advertisement video before clicking out of it. Clients can easily sign up, set an advertising budget, and receive free support from Poln’s team of experts. Customers can be pinpointed on shopping data including product category, price range, demographics, and other browsing behavior.  Additionally, retailers can make use of an exclusive service from Poln that optimizes campaign performance to help drive new customers to stores. To date, Poln has over 15 billion impressions available daily, over 1 billion users, 25 advertising networks, and takes just 15 seconds to integrate and 5 minutes to activate a campaign.

Aanarave Sareen, David Wagoner, Harm lyall, and Zack Werner co-founded Poln after identifying a common thread among their experiences with online retailers and advertising. Traditional advertising platforms are too complex or out of reach for most small to mid-sized retailers. With Poln, they developed a product targeted for this underserved market that is easy to use and cost effective.

“As advertising shifts increasingly to a digital presence, retailers are putting pressure on advertisers to deliver customers. Poln, an innovative New York startup, has answered that call with a powerful digital advertising targeting service specifically for small to mid-sized retailers,” said Marcos Dinnerstein, Editor of Digital.NYC. “We are excited to join the many visitors to Digital.NYC who are enthusiastic about Poln and to honor the platform as the Digital.NYC Startup to Watch for June 2016. ”

For an inside look at Poln, including a full Q&A with Co-Founder Aanarav Sareen, click here.

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Digital.NYC was developed in a public-private partnership between Mayor Bill Deblasio and Gust, the world’s largest network of founders and professionals focused on early-stage investment.  Digital.NYC is sponsored by IBM and was launched using IBM’s Bluemix Cloud technology.

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