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Digital.NYC Portraits: An Interview with Live in the Grey’s Amanda Sol Peralta

When did you first hear about Digital.NYC? And how soon before you logged on to check it out?

That’s a good question, I think that the first time I heard about it was at a conference, and I don't remember which one it was, but then I heard about it a second time at another conference, Uncubed. And that's where I signed up for the newsletter right away on my phone. At first glance it had all these resources on one homepage and when I started getting the newsletter it became a part of my daily routine.

What do you do for work?

I am a content strategist for a startup in SoHo. [Live in the GreyWe’re really early stage, recently having spun off from a bigger experiential marketing agency, and what we focus on are company culture and career advice. We help people find their purpose, how to connect that to their work, and realize authentic versions of themselves in their workplace. I manage our community, editorial presence, and content partners. A lot of the communities I’ll tap into are more focused on content in the community.

What are some other resources you use to stay connected to the tech scene?

There are definitely other newsletters that I am a part of and other event circuits I regularly attend. Though a lot of it is word of mouth from colleagues at other startups. I am also a part of a couple of New York Meetup communities and one of them I found through DIgital.NYC and it has been even more niche specific to my interests than some of the others I attend.

Is Digital.NYC a personal resource or a professional resource?

It’s definitely a little bit of both. It’s funny because my startup’s mantra is there really is no division between professional and personal. So I'll use Digital.NYC for both. Sometimes I’ll see an event that I think a colleague would find really interesting and I’ll share it with them. But other times I want to go to an event because it speaks to an intellectual curiosity. It’s blurred because even if I am there for personal reasons, I may meet contacts that are relevant to my working life.

How would you describe Digital.NYC? What does it mean to you?

Digital.NYC is a resource that comes from the City of New York that is supporting startups and tech companies through events, job boards, creating connections among the community, and a curated news service.

What were you originally looking for when you first logged on Digital.NYC?

It was and still continues to be: events. That’s where I get the most value, and because it’s local it saves me time from having to do my own curation. Instead I just log onto Digital.NYC and it’s all there, that’s what I do every week.

How has your use of Digital.NYC changed? What sections do you visit more often now?

I think that when the moment is ripe it could be a great resource for looking for a job. But for my purposes now I find the newsletter to be the most useful because it is so curated to my interests. It’s really the most helpful.

Do you recommend Digital.NYC to your friends, family, or colleagues?

I recommend Digital.NYC to friends and coworkers, especially when it comes to forwarding along events in and around the City. I recommend it for anyone wanting to get into the City’s tech scene. It’s a great place to start to connect with people and find the events relevant to your interests.

What is your favorite part about the newsletter?

It’s a very efficient layout. I really like the news headlines, the list of upcoming events, and how curated it all is. I like getting the information delivered to me so that I can sit down or be on the go and skim through it for the things I need.

Did you find any information or capabilities on Digital.NYC that were surprising or unexpected?

I didn't know there would be this frontpage news element. I was surpised what a great resource Digital.NYC is for news. It’s clearly well managed content with stories that are relevant to the tech scene and are local to New York. It helps keep me informed even when I’m visiting the website for another purpose. I also like the headlines in the newsletter that I’ll skim through while scrolling down to the events list.

What kind of events have you found through Digital.NYC?

The most impactful event is the ongoing Community Managers Meetup. It was really cool to get in touch with that community because it's so specific to what I do. There is always something going on and I know Digital.NYC will have the details for it.

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