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With Driverless Ubers on Horizon, Drivers' Days Are Numbered

Uber is one of several companies, including Google, General Motors, Audi and Apple, working to replace human drivers with robots.

TNS) -- Property taxes were coming due, and Erik Lingren was looking to make extra money.

He cleaned out his Toyota Tacoma pickup last week, expecting to earn a couple hundred dollars by driving people around the city for the ride-sharing service Uber.

Then he heard Uber's intentions to put self-driving cars on the road in Pittsburgh in the next few weeks. Lingren went from feeling like a part of the 21st-century sharing economy to a relic of an era whose time was speeding to an end.

“I have to admit, it did kind of take me aback,” said Lingren, 48, of Shaler. “I thought, ‘That's me. I'm the buggy whip.

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