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Foursquare's location data is way more powerful than people realize

One of the top-rated pizza places in Brooklyn on Foursquare is called Lucali.

The first time I went there for dinner a couple of months ago, I sat down at a table, picked up the menu, and felt my iPhone vibrate. It was Foursquare sending me a notification with one of the app’s millions of user-submitted tips.

“The calzone,” the tip read. “Ask for marinara with a huge amount of basil. Sex on a plate.”

I didn’t tell Foursquare that I had sat down for dinner at a pizza place I’d never been to before, but the app knew anyway. Delivering that tip to my lockscreen at the right time is what Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley tells Tech Insider is the company’s newest "superpower" and “magic trick.”

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