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FTC: Uber Failed To Protect 100,000 Drivers In 2014 Hack

Uber has had numerous problems with drivers, and has been hit by the FTC twice in a year as a result. Photographer: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has ordered Uber to up its security game after finding the company lacking in numerous areas. In its complaint against the firm, it also revealed that a data theft from 2014 was twice as big as first reported, with details of 100,000 drivers leaked to an unknown "intruder." Previous reports had put the number affected at 50,000.

That leak was possible because the hacker was able to view driver data on an Amazon Web Services store in plain text, according to the FTC. An access key to get that information had been publicly posted by an Uber engineer to code sharing website GitHub, the FTC wrote in its complaint. That key "granted full administrative privileges to all data and documents" on the Amazon server.

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