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Full Plates: Smart Money VCs Back Food Startups In Biotech Research, Animal-Free Meat & Dairy, And More

Smart money VCs focus their food & beverage investments on tech innovations, backing plant-based meat products, food R&D startups, and more.

While top-tier VCs have traditionally focused on tech startups, rather than consumer goods, several “smart money” firms are beginning to steer funding directly toward food & beverage startups — albeit in several very specific areas. Nearly all the food & beverage startups that have attracted smart money are focused on transformational technologies such as plant-based protein and animal-free eggs — startups that may not only be selling products, but are designing new processes that could change what we eat.

We used our CB Insights Business Social Graph tool to look at which food & beverage companies have been backed by smart money VCs. Our analysis includes startups producing branded, packaged food products or food development technologies. We did not include food delivery startups or meal kit startups such as Blue Apron. 

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