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Generation Blockchain’s Move To The Mainstream

By Emily Hunt

Mid August brought the return of the second annual Blockchain Conference, a national series, to New York City. The event is hosted by FinTech Worldwide, which is an organization based in London, and most known for its FinTech Weeks around the world. For those who don’t know much about blockchain: don’t worry, numerous attendees did not know much either. However, they listened intently watching experts speak. This was a testament to blockchain’s blooming pop-culture power.

Initially blockchain gained notoriety as the distributed ledger behind Bitcoin, potentially powering shady transactions such as gambling and drug dealing. As these associations have lessened, blockchain fans have moved away from hardcore enthusiasts, technologists and fringe-like members of society and more towards the middle. While still used for Bitcoin, blockchain’s applications are diverse, many of which have nothing to do with bitcoin or finance.

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