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Going Dutch: 9 things we learned about the start-up scene in Amsterdam

April 22, 2016: This week at the Uprise Festival in Amsterdam more than 75 start-ups got together and showed why Amsterdam is one of the foremost start-up cities in Europe.

The Uprise Festival is the brainchild of Irishman Paul O’Connell and took place in a venue called The Box in a warehouse district not far from the port of Amsterdam. The choice of location for the event, normally a dance music venue, was strategic because it is also in the very district where many start-ups are located.

The event was laid back, the atmosphere warm and friendly, and the festival atmosphere was enhanced by the food trucks and the specially-brewed Hoprise made for the occasion, incorporating ingredients from the US, UK and The Netherlands.

So among all the stories and interviews, here are the insights I can offer on the local start-up scene:

1. People are direct and blunt, so product feedback is pretty instant and reliable Read Complete Article