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Here’s what one Brooklyn dev says you should know about coding schools

No one hands you a job; you still gotta hustle. Take it from Kyla Massey.’s Editorial Calendar explores a different topic each month. The May 2017 topic is Learn to Code. These stories explore ways to dive into web development and software programming in each of our five markets. This month’s Editorial Calendar in Brooklyn is underwritten by Dev Bootcamp. The stories were not reviewed by Dev Bootcamp before publication. Learn more about our advertising options here.

After nearly eight years working at an Apple Genius Bar and pursuing creative writing, Kyla Massey decided to switch things up and learn to code. The promise of a good-paying developer job beckoned. Having gone through an immersive, three-month bootcamp at General Assembly, there are some things that Massey learned.

One of those is that getting a job after graduation is not a lock.

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