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How This Exec Used Social Media To Turn His Layoff Into A Career Reboot

New York City's new chief digital officer found a clever way to transform a bad situation into "a global, digital hug."

When he was the chief digital officer at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of ArtSree Sreenivasan created the museum’s much-lauded app and redesigned its website, attracting millions of digital visitors and helping to increase attendance by young people. Then, in June 2016, the financially troubled museum eliminated his and several other positions due to budget cuts. Rather than be discouraged or come up with a pat storyline about spending more time with the family, the former Columbia University journalism professor turned to his peers. He posted a survey on his personal website and asked his Facebook network a single question: "What should I do next?"

Before that experiment in crowdsourcing his future had ended, Sreenivasan got an offer from another great New York institution: the city itself. Here, he discusses making the most of short-lived unemployment, and his plans to turn New York City into an even greater digital hotspot.

When you learned the Met was letting you go, what was your first reaction? Were you shocked?

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