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How to Fix New York City's 'Unsustainable' Traffic Woes

Uber, Uber, Uber. Streetfilms

First step: Acknowledge that ride-hailing apps are jamming streets worse than ever.

Traffic is getting worse in New York City—much worse. Average speeds during business hours in Manhattan’s core dropped to a crawl in 2017—about six miles per hour, 15 percent slower than in 2010.

That time is everyone’s money: According to INRIX, a transportation analytics firm, lost hours and excess fuel costs sucked nearly $17 billion out of the New York City economy in 2016. That’s not far off from the GDP of Iceland.

North America’s second-largest city is growing: Population has climbed at least four percent since 2010, thanks to steady immigration from around the world. But it’s another group of recent arrivals that bears the brunt of responsibility for the new traffic: Uber, Lyft, Via, and the rest of the ride-hailing bunch.

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