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How Voodoo Manufacturing is trying to expand 3D printing beyond lil plastic things

The East Williamsburg company teamed up with Lowe's to provide customers an in-store 3D printing kiosk. Cofounder Jonathan Schwartz calls it “on-demand manufacturing.”

The knock on 3D printing is that, while pretty cool in theory, in practice, it just produces a whole lot of lil plastic doohickeys. Because lots of things aren’t made out of plastic, and because injection mold manufacturing for plastic is still relatively affordable at scale.

But East Williamsburg’s Voodoo Manufacturing might be changing that.

They’ve teamed up with home improvement store Lowe’s to place a 3D-scanning kiosk inside the Lowe’s store in Chelsea. At the kiosk, customers are able to scan a unique or out-of-stock item and Voodoo Manufacturing will print it out and mail it to them. They’re also able to pick from a list of household items and are able to customize them by size and color, add text, etc. The program is called Lowe’s Bespoke Designs.

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