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If you live in Williamsburg, you could pay rent with 5 nights on Airbnb

And that presents some depressing questions about real estate in New York. The findings come from a treasure of a post by CartoDB, analyzing the prices and densities of Airbnb listings across the city.

A bit of couch surfing might be worth it if you live in a desirable part of Williamsburg. Or, if you own property, it might make more sense to rent it out on Airbnb than to try a single longterm renter, but that sure raises some questions about housing availability and supply and demand.

A new report from Bushwick mapping gurus CartoDB explores the Airbnbscape for every neighborhood in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

“While Airbnb is very dense in the Upper East and Upper West Side of Manhattan, it is actually a significantly ‘low’ percentage of housing units in those neighborhoods,” the report says. “In contrast to that, the two Brooklyn clusters are much larger, with almost the entirety of Williamsburg and Greenpoint rented out on Airbnb at a high rate.”

And that’s because the UES and UWS are filled with high-rises while Williamsburg is filled with mid-rises and Greenpoint with barely uncondemned low-rise tenement row homes. (Seriously, Dorothea, could we paint the hallway?)

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