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Inside Suz Hinton’s magical, hardware-filled corner of the nerdiverse

A look at some of the Brooklyn developer's side projects, including her new live coding show on Twitch.


Suz Hinton’s internet alias, noopkat, comes from the computer programming term “no-op,” which she defined as “an empty placeholder function that doesn’t really do anything.”

But don’t let it fool you.

Hinton, a lead front-end developer at Kickstarter who describes herself as “a tech enthusiast from the nerdiverse,” does stuff. A lot of stuff. She’s spoken at conferences around the world this year like JSConf Budapest andCodemania Auckland, writes for publications like JavaScript blog Pony Foo where she recently explained what a sound looks like and is now livestreaming a show through Twitch called Open Source Fun where she live codes her open source projects.

You can watch her four past streams here.

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