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Interview with Amanda Signorelli, CEO of Techweek

Recently, Digital.NYC’s editor, Marcos Dinnerstein, spoke with Amanda Signorelli, CEO of Techweek, to learn what people can expect when attending Techweek New York 2016.

Please introduce yourself and your title.

Hi! I’m Amanda, CEO of Techweek.

Techweek is a weeklong celebration of technology and entrepreneurship, and we’ll be in New York for the fourth time from Oct. 10-16! The reason Techweek first came to New York is because we saw an opportunity to showcase and amplify the amazing (but not often touted) stories coming out of the city’s tech ecosystem. Year after year, New Yorkers have proven what a tech hub this city truly is. And we’re excited to come back this year for more!

How many attendees does Tech Week  generally receive? Where do they come from? What sectors?

Techweek attendees come from all walks of life. Most attendees work in the technology sector in some way, whether in programming, business development, product development, engineering or sales. We also have attendees who are entrepreneurs or are part of the local startup community.

What’s so great is that all our thousands of attendees are hungry and passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship. What’s even better is that Techweek has something for everyone! We work very hard to ensure our conference is meaningful, valuable and exciting for everyone, and this year is no exception.

What can attendees walk away with or how will this event change the conversation around tech?

The cornerstone of Techweek is our Summit sessions, where we bring in national thought leaders and tech pioneers to talk about today’s latest and most relevant topics about innovation, disruptive tech and leadership.

We also have our official Launch startup competition for pre-series A startups looking to take their business to the next level, fest events to further embed our attendees in the local tech community, happy hours, networking events and much more.

When you take all these events together, what you have is an exciting weeklong discovery of what the New York tech scene has to offer.

What is the panel or speaker you are most excited about and why?

I get this question a lot, and I have to say, the speaker I’m most excited about is Don Katz, co-founder and CEO of Audible, an Amazon company. Audible books have completely changed the way we consume literature, and I’m so excited to hear more about Don’s entrepreneurial journey!

What sets this conference apart from other tech conferences?

At Techweek, there’s something for everyone, and we try to make it as fun as it is insightful. Our mission at Techweek HQ  is to give cities outside of Silicon Valley a platform to exchange knowledge, ideas and stories. We believe such a platform bolsters tech ecosystems, and the means to that end is through our Summit speaker sessions, startup competition, fest events and other offerings.

We think this mission is pretty special and unique, and we can’t wait to have the New York tech community at the table to enable this process.

What will set this year’s event apart from previous years?

Our speakers! We are incredibly excited for this year’s lineup and looking forward to hearing our attendees reactions to the content.

Is there a way for non-attendees to follow the conversation? Twitter handle? Live feed?

We hope everyone can join us at Techweek New York in person! But those who can’t make it can follow along on Twitter at @techweekinc. You can also join in on the Twitter chatter at #techweeknyc!

(Optional) Is there a discount code that readers of Digital.NYC should use?

Absolutely! Digital.NYC readers can enjoy this discount code. We hope to see you all there!

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