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Interview with Amanda Signorelli, CEO of Techweek


Recently, Digital.NYC’s editor, Marcos Dinnerstein, spoke with Amanda Signorelli, CEO of Techweek, to learn what people can expect when attending Techweek New York 2017.

Has it already been a year since we last spoke with you? Wow. So for those who don't know about Techweek New York please give us the overview.

One year ago and a great year 2 for me! Techweek New York is a weeklong festival built to bring together tech leaders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs across the NYC ecosystem. Our goal is tell the story of the great companies in NYC and share them with our markets across North America. 

How large do you expect this year's event to be, both in terms of attendees and participating companies?

This year we are anticipating 3,000-4,000 registered attendees with 50+ companies participating throughout the week.

Is there a theme or common thread this year or will this year's event be a reflection of the diversity of companies that call New York City home?

Yes! The big theme this year is showcasing Growth Stage companies - we are looking to celebrate the companies who have achieved success and learning to scale. We want to hear from these leaders on best practices covering B2B sales, customer acquisition, building teams, and raising capital. We want to hear from the experts!

Can you give a sample of the panels or speakers we can expect this year?

We have great speakers lined up this year including: The CTO of Project Runway, CEO of Sittercity, CEO of Fundera, Head of Growth from DuoLingo, CEO of Homechef. 

What else should our readers know about the coming Techweek New York?

We put a huge focus this year on content first and sharing our knowledge. Our goal is to make sure when you attend our Growth Summit you walk away with at least one piece of advice you can apply to your business to take it to the next level.

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