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Israeli data startups driving NY ecosystem

Blue-and-white startups thrive at finding needle-in-the-haystack information in order to make sense of the data and help in decision-making.

Amir Orad is a big-data technology thought leader and go-to guy for reporters from Forbes, Business Week, Washington Post and USA Today seeking perspectives on how companies are meeting the demand for data analysis.

It’s well known that New York City is securing its position as a data-driven powerhouse, but less well known that Israeli startups in the Big Apple – like Orad’s Sisense, among many others – are leading the development of this ecosystem, according to ICONYC Labs cofounder and partner Eyal Bino.

“I see more Israeli companies than their relative share in these areas,” Orad tells ISRAEL21c at Sisense headquarters in Tel Aviv. “All of the Israeli companies in data have one thing in common: they ...

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