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Just one more thing... 2016-04-11

Every day (+/-) on this page you'll find more links to news for the New York City tech, startup, civic tech, and smart city communities. We hope you'll encounter stories, facts, and perspectives you might not otherwise find in the course of your usual web wanderings.

Send us links to interesting stories! This page is new and, hopefully, will be crowd sourced with the best content that you, our community, find every day. Send us individual links and sites to follow so we can give all our readers more compelling and useful content. We'll note who sent it, link to your blog or site, and boost your street cred.

For example (not real): Google to Sell Bottled Air in Klein Bottles (suggested by Marcos Dinnerstein)

Submit links via this form or email them to: [email protected] (Marcos Dinnerstein, if you're curious. Marcos Dinnerstein if you're not)


Car-Free City Centers: Improving the Quality of Urban Life ( A great site!) Intellignet Design (in urban planning) is part and parcel of smart cities.

Teslaphoresis-activated self-assembling carbon nanotubes look even cooler than they sound (TechCrunch) Let's get this out of the way: if you can memorize this sentence and use it 3 - 4 times at the next cocktail party you attend, you will quickly be able to separate people into categories. Just as quickly you'll put yourself in one. I for one, think this is an amazing topic that at some point in the future will have astounding real world applications. Can't wait!

New York's VC activity counters global 'funding chill' (CB Insights) While that's good news for NYC you have to curb your enthusiasm when you see that roughly 30% of the activity is concentrated in three deals. But hey! It's still a good thing.

Will New York City's Free Wi-Fi Help Police Watch Users? A balanced article on the risk, especially to low-income communities, of the system being used to gather data on users. It concludes on a cautiously hopeful note: "... it’s important that the network be designed to keep those vulnerable users as safe as possible. If New York can navigate that successfully, and keep the municipal wi-fi network from becoming another tool for surveillance, then it could provide a model for smaller cities that might not have the resources to start a citywide network project from scratch."

Lytro’s 755 megapixel Cinema light field camera is going to kill the green screen (TechCruch) Watch the video in this. The creative possibilities enabled by this camera will blow your mind. 

Why big data needs a unified theory of everything ( The thesis: multiple data sets combined with artificial intelligence will yield answers to difficult questions. The example used here is in medicine.

 10 must have Google Chrome extensions for Bloggers ( Good list for bloggers

Have we become too reliant on GPS? This satellite expert thinks so. ( GPS is actually affecting people's brains. Crazy talk? How many phone numbers can you recite from memory. Another example of 'use it or lose it.'

Autodesk looks to future of 3D printing with Project Escher ( The engineering challenge of making a working multi-nozzle 3D printer is what AutoDesk is taking on.

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