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The Light Phone solves one of modern life’s biggest problems: having a phone

“It can’t be right that families are staring at their phone at dinner, at concerts people are taking their phones out and sharing instead of just enjoying the concert,” says cofounder Kai Tang.

Innovation, and technology generally, can be boiled down to one function: solving problems. But sometimes those solutions have their own problems.

One of the most arresting products we’ve come across here at is the Light Phone, an innovative phone for all the features it lacks, which is nearly all of them. Users can pair their Light Phone with their current smartphone so that calls forward. On the Light Phone users are unable to text, access the web, use Instagram or Twitter or any of the other apps whose notifications give a user’s brain that little dopamine kick that keeps them in the otherwise very one-sided and unhealthy relationship with their phone so many of us find ourselves in, while still being accessible in cases of emergency.

The phone, the first of which shipped last week, is the work of Joe Hollier and Kai Tang. The duo met at Google’s incubator for designers, 30 Weeks, in the spring of 2015.

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