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Meet The Judges For The TC Meetup + Pitch-Off In Brooklyn Tomorrow Night!

Did I mention we’re having a pitch-off in Brooklyn tomorrow night? Because we are!

It will be held at Output in Williamsburg at 6pm, and tickets are still available, which you canbuy here.

But what is a pitch-off?

Well, ten companies have been selected to show off their wares on our stage. They will have exactly sixty seconds to wow a panel of expert judges and the audience, after which they’ll survive a quick Q&A.

At the end of all the pitches, the judges (and the audience) will determine the winners.

First place gets a table in Startup Alley at TC Disrupt NY in May. Second place gets two tickets to the conference and the Audience Choice Winner walks away with one ticket to the big show.

But who are our judges?

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