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Meet the latest companies out of NYU Tandon’s AI incubator

(Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Marco Verch)

How many calories are in this salad? can tell you.

Our phones are increasingly capable of doing amazing things, from controlling the appliances in our homes to bringing a museum’s animal specimens to life. A crop of startups out of NYU Tandon’s artificial-intelligence incubator seek to add even more functions to that list: say, figuring out our diet plan simply by viewing a photo of our plate.

Last Tuesday, the school held the second edition of its Future Labs AI Summit. The event served as both a forum on the future of AI and a showcase for the school’s AI Nexus Lab, the artificial-intelligence-focused incubator it launched last year in partnership with ff Venture Capital.

We caught each of the four presentations from the AI Nexus Lab cohort. Here’s what we saw.

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