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Millennial Techies Are Choosing Skill-Based Training Over College

Image credit: Zinkevych | Getty Images

Daunted by the expense of a four-year program, students are focusing on learning the skills they need for the jobs they want.

At only 18 years old, Tiger Shen already has a history in software that would make many engineers envious. He’s worked at Caviar, Square and Braintree, and he recently completed Bradfield -- an intensive course designed supplement a traditional three year computer science degree. He began programming at age 14 -- by teaching himself.

His initial motivation? “Honestly, I was really bored in high school,” said Shen, during his recent interview with the popular Breaking Into Startups podcast. His response may have been casual, but his approach to life is anything but. Not content to rest on the cushy rewards of a comfortable job, he continues pushing himself and will be co-founding his own startup this year.

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