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Multiple Startup Job Offers? Here’s 9 Data-Driven Tests To Help You Pick Which Startup To Work For

There are thousands of startups. Here's how you use data to figure out which startup job offer to take.

I was at a recruiting event at the engineering school of my alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, recently and a student asked a straightforward question.

I have two offers from startups. How do I choose which one to pick?

A lot of the answers given basically boiled down to:

  1. Go with your gut (who do you believe in, which founder/team did you like, whose vision gets you excited?)
  2. Try to evaluate them like a VC would

Both of those answers are inadequate to terrible because (1) going with your gut isn’t a great way to make a decision about your career and (2) trying to play armchair VC is pretty tough. Heck, the data shows that most VCs aren’t great pickers of startups themselves, and they get paid to do this.

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