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NameSummit 2017: Q&A with Co-Founders, Jason Schaeffer and Steven Kaziyev

August 7-8th at the New York Hilton Midtown

Recently, Digital.NYC sat down with the Co-Founders -- Jason Schaeffer and Steven Kaziyev to get a preview of Digital.NYC's Spotlight Event for August, 2017.

If you would, tell us about yourself and how you came to produce this event.

After participating in nearly a decade of domain name conferences and internet governance events, Steve and I joined forces to create a new type of conference.  Steve’s experience is in domain investing and development, and my experience is in representing the domain industry in legal matters, lobbying and engagement, and, more recently (the past 5 years) helping bring new gTLDs to market.   With the advent of thousands of new gTLDs and “Branded” domain extensions, and the continual evolution of social media, search and content it was time for a digital event that explains it all.  We are proud to have achieved the goal of aligning expert speakers and exhibitors that will teach attendees and inspire action.   

How many attendees do you expect for Name Summit? Where do they come from and how would you characterize them?

Since we’re still a couple weeks out as of printing this, our final tally isn’t quite in yet.  So far, we are approaching 200 registered attendees that span the gamut: those looking to start up an online business, existing start-ups and small businesses looking to expand their digital and social media presence, as well as marketing and branding agency strategists, who develop key messaging for their clients.

What can attendees walk away with or how will this event change the conversation around digital branding?

The consistent message across all of our diverse panels is that everyone is an “influencer”. Whether you have one million or one hundred followers, whether you are the “brand” or are a small business, you’ll learn techniques that will help you build your brand and, most importantly, connect with YOUR audience.  The value proposition is the same. Everyone here needs to find a way to maximize reach and find the right way to connect with their audience.

We are covering everything from search to Search Strategy, to Instagram and Influencer Branding.  We are even holding a discussion, with leading attorneys, on brand protection, startup needs, FTC and other issues for online media.   Additionally, attendees will understand how their “online home” -- the domain name and website, is evolving and remains a critical component of overall digital strategy.

We are even introducing a Panel on Blockchain and how the technology is changing the face of paid advertising – which if accepted by advertisers will be a true game changer.   We’ve got something for everyone.   Those with new business ideas can also take advantage of two days of free coaching from FOWNDERS and will be able to pitch their ideas. So, there is sure to be something to take away and help inspire new action to grow your brand or share with clients.

What is the panel or who is the speaker you are most excited about? Tell us about this.

Oh boy, there’s a ton! We really got a lot of phenomenal speakers and panelists with so much to share and teach - like Mike Grehan, Gerard Adams, and Roberto Blake.  Just a few days ago I spoke with Mike Grehan for fifteen minutes to plan for his session on Integrating Content and Intent Marketing. Just in those brief few minutes, I was blown away with his depth of knowledge and his take on search and content strategy. Likewise, in my pre-conference calls with Gerard Adams and Roberto Blake, they too showed a wealth of knowledge ready to be shared with our attendees.  I’d stop there, but I also want to share more on Blockchain and how we are on the cusp of completely changing how browser and paid advertising sync advertisers directly to their specific, personalized, individual target consumer. If the industry implements this technology we will see the digital marketplace morph in unprecedented ways.  This is the ultimate game changer on so many levels; the Blockchain panel could be the most exciting.

What sets this conference apart from other tech conferences?

What sets us apart is the nature of our event--it is designed to cover just about everything you need to know to grow your online digital presence. We are covering topics from setting up your company, to legal issues and brand protection, to social and influencer branding, marketing strategy, coaching, and execution.  Knowing how to rollout your vision is crucial.  As a producer, I’m also super excited to see that all of our Panelists are truly excited to work with each other and build topic discussions that challenge not only the attendees, but themselves as well. The level of engagement among Panelists has revealed that they too are upping their own game just by exchanging pre-event planning ideas. Everyone associated with this conference is very excited to share their knowledge with everyone there. There’s great peer ‘fan group’ energy, as the Panelists are all true superstars.

What will set this year’s event apart from previous years?

As this is our inaugural event, we’ve done everything to make it high energy and high quality –from the Ballroom at the New York Hilton Midtown to our Speakers and Sponsors – this is designed to be a great experience.  We went “all in” to give attendees the best possible experience.

Is there a way for non-attendees to follow the conversation? Twitter handle? Live feed?

We are not streaming the event this year, but our newly opened Twitter handle @namesummit will be live posting throughout, sharing the gold nuggets we learn, in real time. In person is still the best way to soak it all in—join us!  We’d love to meet you there    

Is there a discount code that readers of Digital.NYC should use?

Yes, we are happy to provide Digital.NYC a very special rate. With two weeks left until the conference, we have limited space remaining.   Make sure you get your spot.   We are certain that those lucky readers who choose to attend will walk away with the knowledge and contacts to help them fulfill their dreams and build their brand successfully.

Digital.NYC readers get $150 off the normal price using the link in this listing

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