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A New Ride-Hail App Is Disrupting The Industry By Treating Drivers Like People

The innovative ‘ride-sharing’ app wants to keep both customers and drivers happy by putting the interests of its employees up front. (Photo CC0 via Pexels)

A new ride-hailing platform aims to revolutionize an industry that’s long been ruled by Uber and Lyft, and using a simple tool that’s often neglected in high-tech-happy Silicon Valley: common decency.

Now operating in New York City, Juno is taking on the status quo of ‘ride-sharing’ services by giving its drivers fairer pay, employee status, a much-needed driver-support hotline, and even company shares. According to founder and CEO Talmon Marco, such provisions make for both happier drivers and better customer experiences, and–despite their absence from other ride-hailing setups–are simply what drivers deserve.

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