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The New York Times Cities for Tomorrow: Q&A with Host, Ginia Bellafante


Digital.NYC is pleased to be a media partner with the New York Times on their Cities for Tomorrow conference on July 10 - 11 at TheTimesCenter. For a preview of what to expect, we recently spoke with Ginia Bellafante, Conference Host and New York Times Big City columnist.

Digital.NYC: What was the genesis of this conference? Why focus on cities the way this conference promises to do?

Ginia Bellafante: We began this conference a few years ago as it became apparent that the world was becoming increasingly urban. By 2050, two thirds of the world's population will live in cities. With this influx come challenges to housing affordability, infrastructure, economic and social integration and so on. Figuring out how to make cities operate at maximum efficiency--and sustainability--is a task that requires the best minds at work.

Digital.NYC: More specifically, what will the conference being addressing?

Ginia Bellafante: This year we will address environmental questions--what is the future of waterfront development as climate change becomes more ominous?--social questions--how can cities stem the threat of the opiod epidemic?--and many others all under the rubric of how cities can maintain their progressive agendas in the age of Trump.

Digital.NYC: How did you select the roster of speakers?

Ginia Bellafante: We choose our panel topics first and then look for the most thoughtful people from the worlds of politics, academia, business and culture to discuss the subjects we believe are the most urgent.

Digital.NYC: Is there a way non-attendees can follow this event? Perhaps via living streaming or social media?

Ginia Bellafante: The whole conference is taped and those who don't attend can watch panel discussions online in the days following the conference. One or two of the most exciting panels are streamed via Facebook Live. 

This year especially, Cities for Tomorrow will be a great event!


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