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New York Times' VR Work Wins Mobile Grand Prix at Cannes

Last year Google's Cardboard, its low-cost VR viewer, won the top prize in the Cannes Lions mobile category, in part because it enabled so many other campaigns to experiment with VR.

This year, Cardboard is central to this year's winner: The New York Times has won the Grand Prix for its VR app that incorporates stories from the Times as well as efforts from GE and Mini.

In November, the Times distributed 1 million Google Cardboard viewers to home-delivery subscribers, along with the paper -- the biggest ever project for Cardboard. The VR was downloaded more times in its first few days than any previous Times app, exposing viewers to "The Displaced," a VR story about how war has displaced 30 millions children from their homes. Viewers also saw GE videos including "Nature Is Inspiring Our Industrial Future" and Mini's "Backwater," among others. "Backwater," for instance, is the story of a diamond heist and highlights the Mini Connected system.

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