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This NYC Startup Encourages a New Generation of Financial Literacy Through its Interactive App

Financial literacy is absolutely critical and having exposure to investing at a young age is extraordinarily helpful. Just imagine if in every household that the same value that was placed on reading was also placed on financial literacy. Loved is an NYC startup that is doing that through its app that allows children to invest with their parents. Due to its technology and simple onboarding process, parents don’t have to be experts at investing to use Loved’s services. With a $5 minimum investment, a world of opportunity and learning is unlocked as kids learn about industries, companies, and investing.

AlleyWatch sat down with CEO and founder David Hannes to learn why creating an app that sparks financial curiosity and empower children is so important.

Tell us about Loved’s service.

Loved is kids’ dreams, invested. Using our app parents can invest with their kids into their own custodial investment accounts. It’s really quick and simple to get started with a minimum investment of just $5. We’ve made it extremely simple for parents to do this with their kids, even if they’re not experts themselves. Your kids get to learn about their investments with weekly lessons to build their expertise across industries, companies and success stories. All whilst they build wealth to unlock new opportunities.

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