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This NYC Startup is Finding the Attachments That You Can’t

It has happened to all of us. You get a ton of emails and you just cant find that attachment you received a week ago and now that it’s due, you have two options: You either rebother the sender… or dig through old emails for the paperclip icon until you finally find it. What we need is a way to easily manage our attachments and that is precisely what Dittach is doing. With the app, you simply insert your email address and then filter it down to what type of file you are looking for or the sender and it wont take more than a few seconds to locate. This is something we’ve all complained about and it is finally here.

We spoke with CEO Daniel Gelernter about the app and where it plans to go in the short and long term.

Tell us about the product.

You waste time every day looking for email attachments.  But if you spend ten minutes looking for

an attachment in your emailer, you could find it with Dittach in ten seconds.  We give the user direct access to his email storage in a browsable, searchable feed that includes the entire history of his inbox – even if it goes back ten or fifteen years.  You can read files in Dittach without having to download them, and you can forward or share them direct from the app.  We are already available for Gmail on iPhone and iPad and are expanding rapidly to other platforms.

How is it different?

You might have 10 or 15GB of data in your email attachments.  That’s your storage.  But emailers aren’t interested in letting you use it as your storage – you can’t access it as you’d access the files on your own computer.  We’re the only ones who unlock a user’s complete email storage.

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