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This NYC Startup is Getting You Off Your Couch…at Your Leisure

Whether you are keeping with your New Years resolutions or not, everyone needs more time at the gym. But when reality catches up and you stop going, it’s almost always due to its inconvenience. With TRN, there is no inconvenience. TRN goes out of their way to work with your schedule and meet you wherever you want. Whether it is a traditional workout or a yoga or kickboxing session TRN is what you need.

Cofounder Greg Peters sat down with AlleyWatch to discuss the turn of events that led to the company as well as the need in our market for TRN.

Tell us about the product or service. 

TRN provides on-demand personal training services to clients who expect the best. Through the app, users can book one-on-one sessions with training specialists across four disciplines: General Training, Yoga, Pilates and Swimming. TRN fits directly into your lifestyle at home, work or outdoors.

How is it different?

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